The Glenn Howard Novice Quartet Award is presented to the highest scoring quartet with at least two members who have never competed in a Barbershop Harmony Society contest.

This championship is named for Glenn Howard, a longtime Illinois District barbershopper and International Quartet Silver Medalist with The Capitol City Four in the very first SPEBSQSA national convention in 1939. Glenn lived in Cisco, near Decatur, and was a major influence in creating “Barbershop Harmony Clubs” throughout central Illinois in the 1940s. The purpose is to encourage and reward a quartet that may be entering a competition for the first time.

2014 At Least We’re Loud! Bloomington & Frank Thorne Tim Beutel Kevin McClelland Mark Sauder Dean Beutel
S 2013 Musicology 101 Arlington Heights Jack Musich David Theile Geoffrey Sjostrom Gregory Lloyd
F 2012 74 And A Quarter Sterling/Rock Falls Jason Brown Ben Dirks Kevin O’Keefe Ryan Mackey
S 2012 Keyless Coles County Brad Smith Bob Jones Craig Blucker Ron Hawkins
F 2011 Coles County Connection Coles County Tom Woodall James Stewart Jim Roll Denny Thomas
S 2011 Harminators Bloomington Karlin Scheller Gary Cook Brian Buckrop Michael Kaas
F 2010 SOS Bloomington Dennis Grube Clay Martin Mike Rutledge Matt Trusner
S 2010 A-Men Northbrook & Frank Thorne Robert McClerren Dean Sharpley Chuck Sparks Bill Ward
F  2009 Four The Moment Bloomington & Frank Thorne Wally Farris Jeremy Pease Casey Brant Donovan Davis
S  2009 No entry
F  2008 Q’d Up Lake County Matt MacFadyen Randy Rodgers Rob Pethes Scott Niswander
S  2008 No Entry
F 2007 No Entry
S 2007 See Four Northbrook Noah Miller Larry Emery Max Karpiak James McIntee
F 2006 All That Jazz Northbrook Aaron Alexander Paul Saeger Michael Brown Andrew Smith
S 2006 No Entry
F 2005 The Good Guys Champaign-Urbana/Bloomington Cody Whitlock Ben Jones John Muir Andy Isbell
S 2005 Harmony Lane Lake County/Aurora Dave Cowin Bob Squires Don Smith Rich Smit
F 2004 Vocal Menu C.W.S./South Cook John Lafferty Casey Clements Craig Adams Andy Kinne
S 2004 Chordmasters Arlington Heights Elmer Sweet David King Jim Gieseler Bernie Martin
F 2003 Shared Elements Marietta, GA/Northbrook Adam Woods Steve Dorn Eric McCann Tom Kentish
S 2003 Fired Up Belleville/St. Charles, MO Steve Martin Win Latham Jason Portell Charles Holloway
F 2002 Seasoned Sound Chicagoland West Suburban Sid Peterson Roland Wiebking John Kaindl Bob Wahl
S 2002 Trebled Spirits Arlington Heights/Frank Thorne Max Kieba Jim Parsons Dale Jergensen Steve Schoultz
F 2001 Classic Edition W. Peoria Metro/Dallas Metro Dennis Morris Dan Leahy Mike Leahy T.W. Scott
S 2001 Out Of Our Element Peoria Ken Krancher John Davis Sten-Erik Armitage Bob Stachniak
F 2000 Kensington Road Lombard Rick Anthoney Joe Saintcross Mark Betczynski Ed McDevitt
S 2000 Twist Of Fate Lake County Dan Doerr Scott Davidson Jeff Fordice Steve Johnsrud
F 1999 No Entry
S 1999 Chicago Style Northbrook/Lombard/Frank Thorne Jason Topel Brian Smith Pete Hansen Tim Carter
F 1998 Singularity Belleville Mike Dohogne Paul Schulte Scott Phillips Chuck Klockow
S 1998 Convertibles South Cook Kendall Parish Lou Gonzalez Glen Kersten Ron Welch
F 1997 Murphy’s Boys Lombard Dave Ehst Ken Gillie Jim Ahlgrim Craig Ahlgrim
S 1997 No Entry
F 1996 Flashchords Coles County Gary Nohren Donn Ott Rich Hansen Ron Leathers
S 1996 No Entry
F 1995 4 Crying Out Loud Decatur Harry Johnson George Fishbein Walt Nelson Mac McGlasson
S 1995 Fore Front Rockford Robert McClerren Lloyd Falconer Keith Morse Fred Gahl
F 1994 Sounds Likely Aurora Jim Bertram Randy Voss Marty Swanson Steve Duncan
S 1994 Critical Bridge Quincy Terry Ludwig Ted Johnson Bob Keys Ron Fritts
F 1993 Quarterly Review Peoria Gene Singley Jerry Hornbacker Jim Krones Gary Rice
S 1993 Cooler By The Lake Lombard Michael Conover Joe Tomecek Dale Jergensen Mark Paul
F 1992 Harmony Guaranteed Bloomington Jim Waldorf John Davis Byron Blair Tom DeBord
S 1992 No Entry
F 1991 Capitol Conspiracy Springfield Bryan Johnsrud Mark Scheffler Kent Boucher Dennis Russell
S 1991 No Entry
F 1990 Tri-State Express Northbrook Steve James Bob Tempas Pete Harrison Darrell Polka
S 1990 Nickelodeon Sound Elgin Don Rooney Tim Fenton John McDougald Dennis Toren
F 1989 Harmony Road Elgin Bruce Beyer Glenn Rooney Bill Fak Doug Smith
S 1989 No Entry
F 1988 Four In The Morning Rock Island Pat Burghgrave Russell Hartwig Andy Sauder Mike Russell
S 1988 No Entry
F 1987 Limited Edition Lombard Roger Hurd Dave Ament Blair Corbett Win Goodridge
S 1987 No Entry
F 1986 No Entry
S 1986 Back Time Champaign-Urbana Scott Brooks Kirk Wood Ed Pence Vern Knapp
S 1985 Lucky Day Lombard Gene Woolcott Steve Wolfe Russ Foris Jake Corrough
F 1983 Sunshine Express Rock Island Pat Burghgrave Dennis Longlett Andy Sauder Dean Sellers
S 1982 Harmony Review DuPage Valley Dave Fasburg Dean Roberts Al Munneke Darryl Couch
F 1981 Second Generation Oak Lawn Deegan Don Deegan Tiggelar Scott Deihl
S 1981 Chorder Of 4 Rockford-Freeport Marty Jahnel Jim Pettinger Chris Miller Mike Rooney
F 1980 Key Ingredients North Shore John Adamson Tom Adamson Ron Bartsch Rich Nelson
F 1979 Tri-County Sound Union Aurora Bill Miller Harvey Sterkel Mike Guyer Tom Strong
S 1979
F 1978
S 1978
F 1977 Sound Barrier DuPage Valley Jerry Hansen Larry Leathers Dave McNutt Darryl Couch
S 1977
F 1976
S 1976
F 1975
S 1975
F 1974
S 1974 Casual Chords Belleville Steve Martin Tom Reaka Don Kilborne John Isselhardt
F 1973
S 1973 Federal Reserve Notes Belleville/Collinsville Eldred Mueller George Bagot Rich Pilch Dennis McCann
F 1972 Tune Twisters Elgin John Schneck Phil Richards Bill Pellant Del Sinclair
S 1972 Good Measures Champaign-Urbana Gary Stamm Ron Davis Ed Douglass Chuck Beiger
F 1971
S 1971 Common Bond Sterling-Rock Falls Bob Seaberg Doug Hines Ken Hines Chris Hines
F 1970
S 1970 The Forum
S 1968 Night-In-Jails      ? Eddie Allen Andy Guerriero David Wright Dennis Malone
F 1968 Resonotes Jacksonville Lowell McCulley Mickey Walker Don Engelbrecht John Hill
S 1967
S 1966 Retreads Lombard George Rowland Roy Connor Wally Fitzner Lyle Van Cleve
S 1965 Castabouts Ottawa Ralph Johnson Barnett Smith Ostrem
S 1964 Stone City Four Joliet Roger Redding Palmer Hall Bill Richards
F 1964 Sundowners South Cook Greg Wright Larry Wright Doug Miller Dave Brady
S 1963 Valley Four-Gers Elgin Walt Martin Carl Missele Gail Eiklor Don Lowe
F 1962 The Noblemen North Shore Fred Sellers Tom Noble Phil Noble Wayne Drury
S 1961 Chord Lords Southwest Suburban Don Peddychord Gale Polson Larry Maus Bud Bearby
F 1960 Imperial Four North Shore Dick Robbins Tom Parrish Tom McCracken Ed Wilson
S 1959 Four Jesters, Inc Rockford John Tabor Dick Gallagher Howard Lindmark Bob Gallagher
F 1957 Kountry Kernals Bloomington Gerry Girard Bob Park Bob Potts Chuck Lewis