The Ed Wilson Memorial Quartet Service Award is named for a long time Barbershopper and Director of the Arlington Heights Chapter. Ed suffered a heart attack as he was leaving the stage and passed away shortly after directing the Arlingtones at the International Contest in 1969.

The award is given to a District Quartet who has given significant, sustained achievement in quartetting. This quartet stands alone by their actions and support to the local community, to the Illinois District and to quartetting. The Quartet must be a currently registered quartet for at least one year. The award is presented each fall prior to the start of the Quartet Preliminary Contest.

Year Quartet
2013 No award given
2012 Harmony Guaranteed
2011 Seasoned Sound
2010 Gadzooks
2009 Grandfather’s Clock
2008 No Award Given
2007 Celebrate!
2006 Ol’ Styles
2005 Alchemy
2004 North Shore Four
2003 Homemade Harmony
2002 Grandfather’s Clock
2001 4 Crying Out Loud
2000 Tri-County Reclamation Project
1999 Pitch Pipe Papas
1998 Last Hurrah
1997 Chicago Natural Gas
1996 Blending Institution
1995 Barber Chords
1994 Traditionaires
1993 Lake Shore Harmony
1992 Laundromat Four
1991 Night Theme
1990 Chiefs of Staff
1989 Chiefs of Staff
1988 Backstage Applause
1987 Four Ragtimers
1986 Chord Couriers
1985 Flipside
1984 Dek-A-Kords
1983 Sounds of Senility
1982 Chord Chums
1981 Male Delivery
1980 Scholastics
1979 Schizo Phonics
1978 Antiques
1977 Knight Kaps
1976 Accutones
1975 Allied Four
1974 Chords Unlimited
1973 Valley Four-gers
1972 Some Day Funnies
1971 Fox Valley Four
1970 Four Renegades