Welcome to the Illinois District Contest Scores Archive! Here you’ll find the official tallies of Illinois District quartet and chorus competitions for the last 60+ years.

We are missing a few from the early 1950s; if you can help us find the missing scoresheets, please contact District Historian Bob Squires (email [email protected]).

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Fall Chorus Finals 2018
Quartet Semi-Finals 2018
Quartet Finals 2018
Youth Quartet Finals 2018
Senior Quartet Finals 2018

Mixed Quartet Score Sheet 2017
Quartet Semi-Finals Score Sheet 2017
Senior Quartet Score Sheet 2017
Quartet Finals Score Sheet 2017
Chorus Finals Score Sheet 2017

ILL District Quartet Pre-lim Finals 2016
ILL District Quartet Finals 2016
ILL District Chorus 2016
ILL District Int Chorus Pre-lim 2016

International Chorus Contest Results 2015
District Chorus Contest Results 2015
International Quartet Contest Results 2015
District Quartet Contest Results 2015
Quartet Semi-Finals Results 2015
International Youth Quartet Contest Results 2015
International Seniors Quartet Results 2015
District Seniors Quartet Results 2015
Novice Quartet Contest Results 2015

Chorus Spring 2014
Quartets Spring 2014
Senior Quartets Spring 2014
High School Quartets Spring 2014
District Chorus and International Pre-lim Finals 2014
District Quartet Contest Results 2014
Quartet Semi-Finals Results 2014
Novice Quartet Contest Results 2014

Chorus Fall 2013
Quartets Fall 2013
Quartets Spring 2013
Senior Quartets Spring 2013
College Quartets Spring 2013

Chorus Fall 2012
Chorus Spring 2012
Quartets Fall 2012
Senior Quartets Fall 2012
Quartets Spring 2012
Senior Quartets Spring 2012

Chorus Fall 2011
Chorus Spring 2011
Quartets Fall 2011
Senior Quartets Fall 2011
Quartets Spring 2011
Youth in Harmony Quartets Spring 2011

Chorus Fall 2010
Chorus Spring 2010
Quartets Fall 2010
Senior Quartets Fall 2010
Quartets Spring 2010
College Quartets Spring 2010