While this award is presented at the contest and convention, members of the Quartet Champions Association of Illinois do the selection and presentation. However, the Awards Committee is responsible for scheduling the award and letting all who are involved to be where they need to be for the presentation.

Purpose of the award — To recognize those individuals who have promoted and assisted in preserving and perpetuating the Barbershop Quartet style of singing.

When is it given — The presentation is made prior to the Saturday night Quartet finals.

Who presents the award — The QCA President presents the award.

What criteria are used — The criteria for selection are: One, the person is or has been a member of the Illinois District of the Barbershop Harmony Society. Two, the person has contributed significantly to the advancement and encouragement of barbershop quartets. Three, the person is of good moral character and have high standards.

How is the information obtained — The recipient is selected from a list of nominees by the last four Music Man awardees.

What is the physical award — The award is a traveling trophy and a medallion.