Purpose – This award recognizes a chorus which can put four parts together with at least 6 men on stage, but not more than 11 men (including the director).

When is it given — At the end of the chorus competition, all scores are tallied, and the winner will be announced as part of the overall winners. The physical award will be presented, and recipients photographed back stage after the contest.

Who presents the award — The award is presented by the current Vice President of Contest and Judging.

What criteria are used – Must be at least 6 men on stage, singing four parts, but no more than 11 men on stage (including the director).  Note:  A chapter may only have one competitor in a chorus competition.  In other words, if a chapter has a VLQ compete, they may not have their regular chorus compete, and vice versa.

How is the information obtained –The Contest Administrator(CA) receives the scores for each competitor from the judging panel. The CA enters the scores into the Society Scoring Program. When all scores have been entered, the program sorts the scores and determines placement for each eligible competitor. The OSS (Official Scoring Summary) is then printed.

What is the physical award — The VLQ will receive a certificate at the convention followed up with a plaque to be presented within 45 days at the place of their choice.