Purpose — To select the District Quartet representative(s) to the International Convention.

When is it given — The award is announced after the Saturday Night Quartet Finals.

Who makes the announcement — The Contest Administrator and the current Vice President of Contest and Judging make the announcement.

What criteria are used — The representative is any ILL quartet which, through two rounds of competition in any District’s International Quartet Preliminary contest, receives a score equal to or greater than the score predetermined by the Barbershop Harmony Society to qualify. If no quartet achieves the predetermined score, the quartet receiving the highest total score will represent the District.

How is the information obtained –The Contest Administrator(CA) receives the scores for each competitor from the judging panel.  The CA enters the scores into the Society Scoring Program.  When all scores have been entered, the program sorts the scores and determines placement for each eligible competitor.  The OSS (Official Scoring Summary) is then printed.

What is the physical award — No physical award is given.

Rev. 2/21/14