Purpose — It was established in honor and memory of George Peters, a long-time quartet competitor and Society judge to recognize the Illinois Senior Quartet Champion.

When is it given — It is presented after the quartet competition.

Who presents — The previous year’s District Senior Quartet Champions present the trophies. (If present.)

What criteria are used — The ILL District Senior Quartet Champion is determined at Illinois District’s Spring Convention. The winner is by the highest scoring contest eligible competing quartet. The qualifications of a senior quartet are that all members are at least 55 years of age and that the total age of the four members must be at least 240 years. Both of these age requirements must be met as of the date of the following year’s Mid-Winter Contest. A “Senior Quartet” can only win the ILL District Senior Quartet Championship once.

How is the information obtained –The Contest Administrator(CA) receives the scores for each competitor from the judging panel.  The CA enters the scores into the Society Scoring Program.  When all scores have been entered, the program sorts the scores and determines placement for each eligible competitor.  The OSS (Official Scoring Summary) is then printed.

What is the physical award — Typically, four plaques are awarded: one for each member of the quartet. There is also a large trophy, used for display purposes only, that will have the quartet’s name and date of championship engraved on it.