Purpose — This award is named for one of Central Illinois’ most giving and dominant barbershoppers. Gene served the District and local chapters in many capacities and was known for his strong efforts in promoting and encouraging small choruses.

When is it given — It is presented at the completion of Chorus competition.

Who presents — It will be presented by the Vice President of Music & Performance.

What criteria are used — It is presented to the chorus placing the highest with 30 or fewer members, based on actual chapter membership as of 30 days prior to the District Chorus Contest.

How is the information obtained –The Contest Administrator(CA) receives the scores for each competitor from the judging panel.  The CA enters the scores into the Society Scoring Program.  When all scores have been entered, the program sorts the scores and determines placement for each eligible competitor.  The OSS (Official Scoring Summary) is then printed.

What is the physical award — Typically, a plaque is given to the chapter. There is also a large plaque, used for display purposes only, that will have the chapter’s name and date engraved on it.