Purpose — Frank Thorne was a champion quartet singer with the Elastic Four in 1941, an arranger, Society President and judge. He was the director and driving force behind the development and growth of the Chicago #1 Chapter.
When is it given — It is presented at the completion of Chorus competition.

Who presents — It will be presented by the Vice President of Membership.

What criteria are used — This award is given to the Illinois District Chapter that has the greatest percentage of their members registered at the convention, whether competing or not, and is determined by their chapter membership on March 31st for the Spring Convention and June 30th for the Fall Convention.

How is the information obtained — Convention registration will include chapter membership information including any duplicate memberships. The Awards Committee will determine the winner based on registrations received the earlier of noon on Saturday or two hours before the first Saturday contest. Only BHS members will be tallied, not family members.

What is the physical award — Typically, a plaque is given to the chapter. There is also a trophy, used for display purposes only, that will have the Chapter’s name and contest date engraved on it. This trophy was contributed by Will Thorndike.