Purpose of the award — The purpose is to recognize the Illinois District Chapter that makes the highest per capita dollar contribution to local charities, the Illinois District, and/or the Harmony Foundation during one calendar year.

When is it given — The award is presented during the spring chorus competition.

Who presents the award — The award will be presented by an Illinois District Board member or an Awards Committee representative.

What criteria are used — The largest per capita dollar amount contributed by an Illinois District Chapter during the previous calendar year determines the recipient. For example, the award given in 2014 would use the contributions made from January 1, 2013 through December 31, 2013.

How is the information obtained — A solicitation letter is sent in February of the year the award is given, to all Illinois District Chapters asking them to apply for the award. (Money contributed to the Harmony Foundation can be obtained and verified by contacting the HF Director.)

What is the physical award — Typically, a plaque is given to the chapter. There is also a large plaque, used for display purposes only, that will have the chapter’s name and date engraved on it.