YearContest SiteQuartet(s) / Rank
2014Long BeachTake Note (5th)
2013OrlandoTake Note (9th)
2012TucsonTake Note (7th)
2011Las VegasTake Note (7th) / SrQ (19th)
2010TampaTake Note (3rd) / Chicago Times (27th)
2009PasadenaTake Note (3rd) / Chordplay (4th) / Chicago Times (10th)
2008San AntonioTake Note (9th)
2007AlbuquerqueChicago Times (6th) / Talismen (7th) / Gadzooks (25th)
2006SacramentoChicago Times (3rd) / Talismen (6th) / Medium Rare (15th)
2005Jacksonville, FLSavoir Four (2nd) / Talismen (4th) / Gadzooks (19th)
2004Biloxi, MSSavoir Four (5th) / Gadzooks (12th)
2003AlbuquerqueGym Class (2nd)
2002Riverside, CAChicago Shuffle (1st)
2001Jacksonville, FLChicago Shuffle (2nd) / 4 Sentimental Reasons (14th)
2000TucsonDiminished Capacity (22nd)
1999Biloxi, MSTri-County Reclamation Project (1st) / Chicago Shuffle (3rd)
1998TampaTri-County Reclamation Project (2nd) / Forget Me Notes (9th) / Mellow Fellows (24th)
1997SacramentoTri-County Reclamation Project (2nd) / Lucky Jordanaires (18th) / Recycled Been (23rd)
1996JacksonvilleTri-County Reclamation Project (3rd)
1995TucsonForget Me Notes (9th)
1994SarasotaNew & Improved Industrial Strength Mini-Chorus (1st)
1993Corpus ChristiGrandfather’s Clock (12th) / Recycled Phonics (15th)
1992Long Beach
1991TampaOld Kids on the Block (1st) / Tom, Dick, and Hairless (12th)
1989HonoluluTom, Dick, and Hairless (7th) / Home Town Sound (10th)
1988Washington, D.C.Grandfather’s Clock (2nd)
1987SarasotaGoldenaires (9th)
1986TucsonSounds of Senility (7th) / Goldenaires (9th)