Awards Committee

Earl Meseth

Mike Bagby – Chairman(847) 639-9404
John Davis
Steve Davis
Hugo Feugen
Bob Squires
Convention Planning Committee
Will Thorndike, Chairman(815) 631-0253
Ethics Committee
Bob Cearnal, Chairman(618) 566-8574
Joe Sullivan
Will Thorndike
Earl Meseth
Harmony Foundation Committee
John Cain, Chairman587-7673
Bill Ward
Historical Committee
Bob Squires, Chairman(815) 609-8644
Frank Fabian
Carl Missele
Jim Stahly
Joe Sullivan
llinois District Endowment Assurance (IDEA) Trustees
Bob Cearnal, Executive Director(618) 566-8574
Earl Holtz, Treasurer/Trustee
Earl Meseth, Secretary/Trustee
Bob Squires, Marketing & Public Relations/Trustee
Rich Hansen, Communications/Trustee
Marketing Committee
Kevin McClelland, Chairman/Webmaster(216) 905-1246
Jim Bicek, Director of Special Projects
Membership Committee
Hugo Feugen, Chairman(217) 378-5329
Memorial Committee
Bob Squires, Chairman(815) 609-8644
Hugo Feugen
Mike Isely
Nominations Committee
Jeff Bowyer, Chairman(217) 543-4001
Dave Cowin
Bob Cearnal, Chairman(618) 566-8574
Policy and By-Laws Committee
Will Thorndike, Policy Chairman(815) 631-0253
Quartet Promotion Committee
Tom Woodall. Chairman(217) 549-6671
Youth In Harmony Committee
Rich Hansen, Chairman(217) 412-1876
Michelle Adams
Kevin Deets
Greg Grey
John Jeide
Bill Ward
Tom Woodall