The ABE (Award for Barbershop Excellence) is the District’s highest award and recognizes exceptional lifetime achievement and service by outstanding members of the Illinois District.

2014Terry LudwigBloomington Chapter
2013Frank FabianFrank Thorne Chapter
2012Dick KingdonNorthbrook & Chicagoland West Suburban Chapters
2011Tim WoodallColes County & Bloomington Chapters
2010Jay GiallombardoNorthbrook Chapter
2009Rich HansenBloomington & Coles County Chapters
2008Carl MisseleElgin Chapter
2007Wally Ryan *Decatur Chapter
2006Al QuinnPeoria Chapter
2005Wayne WrightSterling/Rock Falls Chapter
2004Bill Stock *Belleville Chapter
2003Dick Johnson*Northbrook Chapter
2002Joe SullivanNorthbrook Chapter
2001Rod Hupach *Joliet Chapter
2000Walt Bohdan *Chicago Metro Chapter
1999Warren “Buzz” Haeger *Lombard Chapter
1998Earl MesethJoliet Chapter
1997Jules KastensArlington Heights Chapter
1996Gene McNish *Springfield Chapter
1995Gary NohrenColes County Chapter
1994Joe Shekleton *Arlington Heights Chapter
1993Bill Gallagher *North Shore Chapter
1992Craig RiggMacomb Chapter
1991Jim Graham *Champaign-Urbana Chapter
1990Jack WindsorAurora Chapter
1989Ken HinesSterling-Rock Falls Chapter
1988Jack Aldridge *Bloomington Chapter
1987Bob CearnalBelleville Chapter
1986Bob SquiresLombard Chapter
1985George Peters *Northbrook Chapter
1984Syl WetleNorthbrook Chapter
1983Jim VlietChampaign-Urbana Chapter
1982Chuck Nicoloff *Arlington Heights Chapter
1981William WorstAurora Chapter
1980Jerry McDonough *Peoria Chapter
1979John Mulkin *Carbondale Chapter
1978Ron LeathersColes County Chapter
1977Jack Harwood *Springfield Chapter
1976Bill Everitt *Lombard Chapter
1975Don Summers *Peoria Chapter
1974Loren Bogart *Bloomington Chapter
1973Forrest Stahly *Bloomington Chapter
1972Dick Neely *Q-Suburban Chapter
1971Tom WoodallColes County Chapter
1970Tom Watts *Skokie Valley Chapter
1969Dick Robbins *North Shore Chapter
1968John Corley *Herrin Chapter
1967Walt Martin *Elgin Chapter
1966Frank Vechiola *Chicago No. 1 & Skokie Valley Chapters
1965Jack Baird *Southwest Suburban Chapter
1964Charles Wilcox *Freeport Chapter
1963“Murph” Johnson *Pioneer Chapter
1962Tom Crawford *Pioneer Chapter
1961Bob Hockenbrough *Q-Suburban Chapter
1960Carl Mayer *North Shore Chapter

* = Deceased