February 16, 2019 at 8:30 AM UNTIL 9:30 pm

We’re excited to bring IDAH 2019 to the IL District!!

What an event we will be having. The staff is second to none and will rival any other school in the society:

After Hours – 2018 International Quartet Champions

Midnight Croon – 2014 LOL District Quartet Champions

Kevin Keller – Renowned arranger and Music Judge, past Category Specialist

Mike Lietke – Presentation Judge and Guru

Carrie Marcotte – Director, West Towns Chorus

Throughout the day, there will be quartet coaching, (hurry as slots are going fast), and this year, there will be a Mixed Chorus directed by Carrie Marcotte. The Mixed Chorus will meet during the day for some fun rehearsal time.

We also have classes on the agenda for individuals. Always a favorite (and needed by all of us) is Vocal Production. Also on the ticket is a Director’s Round Table, Riser Placement, Presentation, Arranging, Sound Systems and Microphones, and others to be named later. Another special session will be called “What Makes That Barbershop.” This is a discussion of music and songs led by Kevin Keller that was a big hit at Harmony University this past summer! The classes will be a la carte, as you can pick what to attend while you are at the event.

After the hard work and all the learning, we have a spectacular show in store!

The Mixed Chorus

Midnight Croon – 2014 LOL District Champions and past International Qualifiers
Interlude – 2018 ILL District Champions and International Qualifiers

And our special guests———
After Hours – 2018 International Quartet Champions

All in all, a great day that you won’t want to miss!! Great classes, great coaching, great show, great camaraderie, just a great time in every way!

See the Event Page for more details and to purchase tickets!

We look forward to seeing you in February!