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Political Harmony

Springfield 2012 Proclamation

City of Springfield Proclamation
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[I]n a rare display of political compromise, the Democratic governor of Illinois and the Republican mayor of the state capital Springfield set partisan differences aside.  And it was barbershop that led to this nearly miraculous cease fire in the middle of a contentious election season.

Defying all known laws of Illinois politics, and perhaps the laws of nature, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn and Springfield Mayor Mike Houston both proclaimed September 28-30, 2012 — the dates of the Illinois District’s Fall Convention in Springfield — to be “Barbershop Harmony Weekend” in Illinois.

Illinois 2012 Proclamation

State of Illnois proclamation
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Perhaps the spirit of camaraderie that binds barbershoppers together can someday tear down the wall that separates Republican and Democrat, red and blue, conservative and liberal.

Well…maybe not.

Even so, the Illinois District of the Barbershop Harmony Society is honored to be recognized as part of an organization that has preserved a uniquely American style of music while encouraging fellowship, service, and cooperation.

Now, just imagine how different our lives might be if the leaders of our major political parties — like the squabbling school board in The Music Man — diverted the energy wasted on partisan mud-slinging into ringing chords!

Special thanks to Jim Bicek of the South Cook and Bloomington chapters for arranging these proclamations from Governor Quinn and Mayor Houston.