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Thanks from the new district champs

Velvet Hammer

A letter to the district from our new quartet champions, Velvet Hammer:

[O]n behalf of Velvet Hammer Quartet, we extend our thanks to the Illinois District for a great contest, and an extra Thank You to the Springfield Chapter for putting on a great convention. Also a special Thank You to Waldorf Hair Company Quartet for their great representation of the Illinois District over the past year and for their kind words at the passing of the Buzz Haeger Memorial Trophy.

We are truly honored to represent the Illinois District and congratulate all of the participating quartets and choruses in what turned out to be a great show of talent. As the District Champion Quartet, we know this comes with a lot of responsibility and we look forward to giving back to the great hobby we love. We are working on the balance our show package and would love the opportunity to sing on chapter shows.

For those of you who do not know us, and since we have only been singing together as this foursome since June, we are a mix of veterans who have sung in a variety of quartets including Greg Martin, Chris Weber, and Colin Stevenson who have all sung with long-time Illinois District quartet tsunami. John Dorgan, from the Appleton, Wisconsin Chapter, formerly a cheesehead and now a converted Bears fan, has competed in the LOL District over the past nine years. We came together through a mutual friendship and with the help of Joe Liles, created Velvet Hammer, so named for Greg’s reputation as a smooth talking salesman.

For bookings please contact Greg Martin at velvethammer4@gmail.com or (815) 639-9692.

With warm regards,

Velvet Hammer Quartet
Colin Stevenson (Max Power)
Chris Weber
John Dorgan
Greg Martin