Rush Wyman Illinois District Chorus Champion

Purpose of the award -- In the early days of the Society, the focus was on quartets. However, most members of the Society sang in choruses and it wasn’t until 1953 that an international chorus competition was established. Rush Wyman donated a special trophy in his efforts to recognize the distinction of Chorus Champions.

When is it given -- The presentation is made at the end of the Chorus completion

Who presents the award -- The award is presented by the President and Chorus director of the retiring District Chorus Champion.

What criteria are used -- The Illinois District Chorus Champion is that chorus which, through its competition, receives the highest total scores of the entire judging panel.

How is the information obtained -- The Contest Administrator receives the contest scores from the judging panel.

What is the physical award -- The Rush Wyman Traveling Trophy is a large trophy with the names of all past Illinois District Chorus Champions.