MECA – The Most Entertaining Chorus Award

Purpose of the award -- This award has been created for several reasons: To offer more entertainment content for our audiences and to encourage the smaller choruses to attend and compete in the Fall Contest. There will be two awards -  one for Group 1, consisting of the 4A and 5A choruses; and one for Group 2, consisting of all others.

When is it given -- It is announced immediately prior to the announcement of the International Chorus Qualifier.

Who presents the award -- A representative of the Host Chapter presents the awards.

What criteria are used -- All choruses in the contest will be judged by a non-barbershop panel selected by the host chapter, and their scoring will not be part of the C&J Panel.

How is the information obtained -- A member of the Host Chapter empanels 5 to 7 community members, selected by the host chapter, who are given score sheets provided by the Awards Committee with the basic criteria used to determine a numerical score. A Host Chapter representative will work with the judges to add the scores for each of the chorus groups to determine the winners.

What is the physical award -- The two winning choruses will each receive a certificate at the convention, followed up with a plaque to be presented within 45 days at the place of their choice.

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