Illinois District Collegiate Quartet Champion

Purpose -- It is intended to encourage young men to try quartetting as early as possible. This is also a qualification contest for the college quartet that will represent the Illinois District at the International College Competition in July. Additional rules apply to the International Collegiate Preliminary Contest.

When is it given -- It will be presented after the Saturday night quartet finals.*

Who presents the award -- The Youth In Harmony Chairman presents the award.

What criteria are used -- The Illinois District College Quartet Champion is that College Quartet which, through its competition, receives the highest total score of competing college quartets.

How is the information obtained -- The Contest Administrator will determine the winner from the scores of the eligible quartets.

What is the physical award -- Typically, four plaques are given, one to each member of the winning quartet. There is also a large trophy, used for display purposes only, that will have the quartet's name and date engraved on it. This display trophy was contributed by Wound For Sound, District Medalist quartet from Bloomington.

* In the event that there are no college quartets competing, the award will not be presented.